Tax Identity Theft Victims Can Now Get Copies of the Fraudulent Returns

The IRS has begun allowing victims of identity theft to request a redacted copy of a fraudulent return that was filed and accepted by the IRS using the identity theft victim’s name and SSN. [ Editor’s Note: This change is attributable to a request made in a letter dated 5/17/15 from U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte to IRS Commissioner Koskinen stating that it was “deeply troubling that the IRS does not help victims by providing them with copies of the fraudulent returns so they can determine what information was stolen.”] Due to federal privacy laws, the IRS will disclose the return information only to victims whose name and SSN are listed as either the primary or secondary taxpayer on the fraudulent return and not to any person listed only as a dependent. Instructions for requesting copy of fraudulent returns can be found at

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